Seller Testimonials

    • John Woodlock of Liberty Coin Galleries:Proven Marketing Tool – this solution produces results. We are extremely pleased with the results achieved through the use of the Automatic Seller application. The team has deep eBay experience and their channel knowledge combined with technology development capabilities combine to deliver an application that delivers tangible results immediately.”
    • Marc Guitmann of Sparkle City Comics, Neat Stuff Collectibles, and Anthony’s Coins & Stamps:Instant Execution – Great Support. Automatic Seller is the best email support system on eBay hands down, a free standing APP, you have to do nothing but sign up and watch the traffic surge to your auctions.”
    • Dave Enders of Dave’s Collectible Coins:The service is over the top. Pain free weekly contact with my customer base is what this is all about and these guys do it right. Thanks Scott for all your help and keep it up, we are in!”
    • Ceilidh Madigan of Albumpickers: “Easy to use, and great service. [ReferABuyer] was great helping me understand how this tool works, and … regular summary emails keep me in touch with the system. Not a single complaint!”
    • Jean Mault of South Park Coins:EXCEPTIONAL!!! If you are looking for an effortless way to drive customers to your listings…you have found it! Automatic Seller has increased our traffic, our bids AND our SALES! This solution requires very little effort on the part of the seller yet drives an incredible amount number of bidders to our products. It truly is automatic too! Thousands of emails go out each week to interested customers. No need to manage the process because Automatic Seller does it all! GREAT SOLUTION!”
    • Bobby Sullivan of Bubba Sully’s Pocket Change:AWESOME!!!!! Sellers, If you don’t use this tool, you are truly missing out! Once I signed on, the traffic to our store literally increased exponentially. Ebay really needs to take a lesson from these guys as their customer service is “over the top” outstanding. This is one decision we made that has truly made a difference. Keep up the GOOD/GREAT/TERRIFIC work guys :) Bobby and Diane aka “BubbaSully“
    • Lisa Oquist of Oquist Stamps:Reliable email marketing. The weekly newsletters are fabulous. We have seen a great response from them. This is definitely a service we would recommend to anyone! Well worth it!”
    • Marc DiLauro of Datentype Rare Coins:This is the new wave of how Ebay sales are generated! I must give [AutomaticSeller] the highest ratings possible as [the] process is seamless to me and [they are] always available if needed but it really just works by itself. I have received maximum value for my auctions and I owe it to him – thanks again.”
    • Roger Herman of HSturn Vintage Coins:  “It really works!  We have seen very tangible results in increased sales and visibility.. this is a great product.. seamless to use… highly recommended for Ebay Sellers who want to go to the next level.”

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Buyer Testimonials

    • Hello DDR staff, I just wanted to let you know that I think your email campaign has been very effective and well presented. I know I made a purchase because of it and will continue to try to buy more things. Keep up the good work.
    • — J.W.
    • Thank you for this email I was able to win several Large Cents that I have been looking for. I also have several quarters on my watch list I hope to win.
    • — R.H.
    • It’s been a long time since we’ve done business together, but I wanted to thank you for keeping me on your mailing list all of these years. I had stopped purchasing coins for a time, and I thought maybe you would be a good place to start to begin building again.
    • — L.M.
    • I am so glad I have signed up for your fantastic email letter.  It is wonderful. Thank You.
    • — M.L.
    • Hi Don and company, thanks for sending me the heads up on your latest listings. There are several pieces in there that I will be trying to buy.
    • — G.W.
    • Thank you for the email. It’s always exciting to find new stuff for the collection. I will be checking your listings.
    • — A.S.
    • Thank you for the tip, Don. I just put in bids on about 10 of the coins.
    • — M.G.
    • Very nice and impressive page.
    • — M.D.S.
    • Just a bit of Feedback on this promotional email. I think it is spectacular and I know it will get me looking any time I have forgotten to do it that week… I think that is a typical way of working with your auctions for most of us regulars… This beautiful reminder message shows me what I am missing in beautiful color images. I really like the way you have it broken down too: most bid on, etc.
    • — G.L.