Benefits of AutomaticSeller

    • Increase Order Frequency
      AutomaticSeller’s weekly email newsletters increase bidders’ and buyers’ awareness of your listings, resulting in more frequent purchases.
    • Increase Average Order Size
      Consistent, professional targeted marketing increases the average spend per client as clients learn of additional items of interest.
    • Increase Auction Closing Prices
      Featuring auctions in AutomaticSeller emails multiplies the number of bidders and boosts the closing prices.
  • Save Time & Money

    • Save Time – AutomaticSeller manages the advertising of your eBay listings automatically, sending emails consistently and automatically (even while you are traveling).
    • Save Money –AutomaticSeller has a proven record of return on investment and generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in eBay sales every month!
  • Build Your Brand

    • Build your email list – Communicating with your customers is the basis of building your brand.  AutomaticSeller helps you do that by building your email list, automatically after every sale.
    • Maintain your client relationships – AutomaticSeller keeps you on the top of your clients’ minds by sending them weekly emails highlighting your newest listings, hottest auctions, or best deals.
AutomaticSeller increases sales by up to 15% while saving time and money and building your brand, automatically!
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