Here's How It Works:

Key Benefits for eBay Sellers:

Are you ready to let email marketing
increase your eBay sales... automatically?

Receive A Custom Proposal

Maximize sales and increase customer loyalty with customized
weekly email newsletters... automatically!

AutomaticSeller creates a custom, branded weekly email featuring your current auctions and fixed price
listings, and sends it to your entire client list.

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business network

Effortlessly build your email list with every sale you make

Every time you sell a fixed price item or an auction ends, AutomaticSeller emails the buyer on your behalf, thanks him for his business, and invites him to join your exclusive, clients-only email list.

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Accurate monthly reporting keeps you informed

AutomaticSeller keeps you informed with a simple monthly report. It includes great data like the number of emails sent and the total sales driven. It is a great way to understand the value the service provides!

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