• How Does AutomaticSeller work?

    • What does AutomaticSeller do? 
      AutomaticSeller does two things:

      1. It builds your email list by inviting your customers to join your list, and
      2. It increases your sales by automatically sending emails to your list marketing your eBay listings.

      AutomaticSeller is completely free.

      • Does AutomaticSeller really increase my sales on eBay?
        Yes! Most sellers rely only on eBay and occasional emails to drive sales. AutomaticSeller proactively advertises your listings to your buyers and brings them back each week.
      • Do I need to do any additional work?
        No, simply list your items to eBay as you do now and the AutomaticSeller software will do the rest.
  • How Much Does AutomaticSeller Cost?

    • How much does AutomaticSeller cost?
      AutomaticSeller is absolutely free to use. Similar marketing services from other providers cost $500 to $8,000 per year, but AutomaticSeller is completely free.
    • How can AutomaticSeller be offered at no charge?
      ReferABuyer.com, owner of AutomaticSeller, is a member of the eBay Partner Network (ePN), a marketing program where the eBay Partner Network compensates software developers and internet marketers for successfully driving traffic to eBay that results in sales.  Because the eBay Partner Network is paying ReferABuyer.com for this traffic, we can offer our software to eBay sellers completely free.
  • How Do I Manage AutomaticSeller?

      • Can I see how AutomaticSeller is marketing my listings?
        AutomaticSeller automatically includes you on your email list, so you always get a copy of the messages going to your clients.
      • Will anyone else have access to my email list or client lists?
        Absolutely not. We take the privacy of our sellers’ data very seriously. All of our clients’ lists are stored separately in a password protected system and are never used for any reason except to market your items to your clients.
      • Does AutomaticSeller manage unsubscribe requests from my email list?
        Yes, AutomaticSeller lets your clients easily unsubscribe from your list if they wish. AutomaticSeller is completely compliant with federal CAN-SPAM laws and all eBay rules and regulations.
      • Can I add my own customized messages to my AutomaticSeller emails?
        Absolutely. AutomaticSeller makes it easy to add your own messages to your emails.